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The LA Marijuana-Related Businesses

There are many businesses related to marijuana which may flourish as a result of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Even now, with local officials not really bothered by LA marijuana businesses, you don’t have to limit your use of marijuana only for medical reasons. There are actually various establishments in the city that offer cannabis-infused cuisine. It’s a legal gray area that will only last for the rest of 2017. Right now, it’s still a good idea to have a valid medical marijuana card so you can buy marijuana legally and above board.

These establishments aren’t offering your usual brownies and chocolate bars that cost $20. You have prosciutto, burrata, and fava beans, with olive oil with the slightest hint of marijuana. There’s black cod with squid ink salsa verde. You can enjoy short rib filanese with risotto. It’s also a pleasure to taste the Japanese sweet potato gnocchi with loquat jam and goat butter.



Despite the rather lighthearted side of recreational marijuana, it can’t be denied that there’s a very serious aspect to it when medical marijuana is actually needed. Some people may just pretend to need marijuana just so they can enjoy it recreationally.
But others may really require cannabis to treat or manage a serious medical condition. So what can you use marijuana for? There is a long list of medical conditions that can be helped and alleviated by the consumption of marijuana. Here are just a few of them below.

More Information About Marijuana

Opiates VS Marijuana

Opiates are much more addictive than marijuana, which is about as addictive as caffeine. It’s actually the most addictive recreational drug, as only 9% of users who try it become addicted.

Marijuana VS Others

The addictive potential for alcohol is 15%, and for tobacco it’s much worse at 32%.

Accidental Opioid ODs

It’s also just about impossible to OD on marijuana. With opiates, accidental ODs are a real concern. In 2010, accidental opioid ODs accounted for more than 16,000 deaths.


Quite a few studies have found marijuana to be very useful in treating various seizure disorders, including types of epilepsy that are currently very difficult to control. These disorders include Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome.

Multiple sclerosis

The marijuana really helps in reducing the muscle stiffness and spasms, which can be truly debilitating for patients. These spasms can keep them from sleeping normally and even walking may be a problem. Already today, a drug called Sativex is used in many countries for MS. It contains THC and cannabidiol (CBD) which are found in cannabis.

Nerve pain alleviation

Many health conditions can make you feel a burning pain in your hands and feet. This is the kind of pain that can be caused by conditions such as spinal cord injuries, AIDS, and diabetes. Again the THC helps relieve the pain, and in many ways it’s much better than standard opiate pain medication. Many patients have also found marijuana simply more effective.

Nausea and vomiting

This is one of the more well known uses of medical marijuana. Many doctors who treat AIDS patients or those with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy have to endure serious cases of nausea and vomiting. But marijuana contains THC that helps with these symptoms. Marijuana is so effective that it’s recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, which is an alliance of the 26 leading cancer centers in the country.

Movement disorders

This can help reduce the severity of conditions such as Tourette’s syndrome, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

General chronic pain

Even if your pain isn’t nerve-related, marijuana can help. Some patients have found it effective, especially those with cancer, back injuries, arthritis, and even severe headaches.

Insomnia, stress, and PTSD

All of these psychological problems can be helped by marijuana, and its ability to help people relax and feel mellow is well established. It’s a mood-altering drug that makes you calm and peaceful for the most part. Many even feel euphoric, which is why it’s a favorite form of treatment for patients with any serious disease or medical condition.

Anxiety and depression

These patients often feel depressed and down, and the marijuana gives them the “high” they need. Of course, this all depends on the strain, as some strains of marijuana can leave users fearful and even paranoid.

History of Marijuana in LA

In California, voters chose to decriminalize medical marijuana back in 1996. It was, in fact, the first state to do so. Following this vote, numerous dispensaries, manufacturers, and marijuana cultivators operated in Los Angeles under this rather vague law. Local officials didn’t really do anything to regulate these operators.

In 2007, things changed when all new marijuana enterprises were blocked by an ordinance passed by the LA city council. That was a major mess, legally speaking. Even as marijuana shops grew in number, the city faced various lawsuits against the ordinance.

This led to proposition D in 2013. This particular measure provided limited immunity to just 135 medical marijuana dispensaries. It’s still a vague measure, because there were no licensing guidelines at all. READ MORE